LONDONDERRY HIGH SCHOOL - Program of Studies 23-24

LHS Mission Statement
Londonderry High School, in partnership with parents and the community, provides a safe and nurturing environment with varied opportunities promoting good character, academic excellence, and responsible citizenship necessary for future success in the local and global community.

Student Expectations
Academic Expectations:

Students of Londonderry High School... - Demonstrate literacy through reading, writing, thinking and speaking effectively. - Apply critical thinking, research and problem solving skills to a changing world. - Function as self-directed learners in a variety of learning and working environments.

Civic Expectations:

Members of the Londonderry High School community... - Demonstrate an awareness of their individual rights and responsibilities as contributing members of the larger community. - Exhibit school pride through support of school activities and involvement in community life. - Model ethical and lawful behavior as responsible and accountable citizens.

Social Expectations:

Members of the Londonderry High School community... - Develop positive relationships, demonstrate tolerance, and respect diversity. - Interact cooperatively while working toward common objectives. - Promote personal wellness and the ability to make healthy choices.

This Program of Studies has been thoughtfully designed to offer you a rich variety of courses that will challenge and engage you as learners. To earn a Londonderry High School diploma, you must accrue 24 credits and meet all academic requirements for graduation. Throughout the span of your high school career we also encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to explore your personal interests and career goals. Discuss an academic plan with your parents and use the LHS administrative, teaching, and school counseling staff as a resource to implement that plan. Please carefully consider the courses that will meet your needs and assist you in taking the right steps toward a rewarding academic experience that will successfully prepare you for life beyond high school.

We have organized a sequence of courses through our Career Pathway Programs for students to pursue a career of interest, if inclined. These pathways will enable you to expand your knowledge and skills in ten professional fields. School Counselors work with Londonderry High School students of varying ability levels to review and participate in career pathways. We offer a cluster of courses in the careers of finance, athletic training, biotechnology, computer maintenance, teaching, information technology, mass communications, engineering, television production, and career and technical education. Through our Advanced Placement Course offerings, Running Start, and collegiate affiliations (SNHU, UNH College System), there are many opportunities to gain college credit taking high school courses.

Scheduling 1300 students in a high school is an arduous task. We build our master schedule and number of sections offered based upon the course selections you make in the spring. There is very little flexibility when it comes to making changes in courses, periods, and teachers once the school year begins. Schedule changes will only be made for scheduling errors (i.e., did not get a required course), misplacement in a level, or priority given to upperclassmen for credits needed toward graduation requirements. The elective courses you choose may not be available for you and other choices may be necessary. Acceptance in appropriate levels will be determined by teacher recommendation and past performance. If schedule changes are necessary, they should be addressed before the start of the fall semester. Please take the time now to discuss your plans for next year with your parents, teachers and counselor because the decisions you make will be reflected in your schedule for next year. The entire staff of Londonderry High School is committed to providing you with an outstanding education. Good luck with your course selections.

Jason Parent